The cause of the male “down” after sex

The cause of the male “down” after sex

After ejaculation, high levels of prolactin, the same hormone that makes breastfeeding possible, are concentrated in man and responsible for the fall in sexual desire. From intense passion to deep sleep in a few minutes. One of the fastest biological transitions in man happens after intercourse: it is the refractory

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Sexuality in ancient Greece.

In ancient Greece, male superiority also moved to sexual practice, taking men to women from behind, having to adopt a submissive position. Its practice was so widespread that it has even come down to the present day under the name of “Greek,” with direct reference to anal sex, although in

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Why do we love wild sex ?, here the answer

At this time, where women want to be treated equally, with all women united and with celebrities who have even labeled themselves as women, it is difficult for some women to admit that, with the light off and the door closed, they really want Be dominated, your hair pulled, be

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4 Escorts Reveal Us Her First Work Day (II)

5. Deepest and darkest fantasies I was 35. I’m fit, tall, long brown hair and eyes that shift from blue to green, in good shape from bicycling. I have a Ph.D. in linguistics and a master’s in literature, and I’m male. I was “in-between employment” and talking in a philosophy-oriented

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Why Someone Call Us For An Escort

There was a time, long ago, when I would have laughed at the idea of paying for sex. I might have even found the idea pathetic and defeatist, but that is before a series of events changed my life. Unlike many of you, I never had an exalted view of

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How To Be An Escort Favorite Client

Wherever you find your escort, research her. Does she have a website, does she have ads going back at least 6 months, does she have reviews (although some escorts do not like being reviewed)? Google her name and phone number or email before contacting her. Also expect her to want

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