At this time, where women want to be treated equally, with all women united and with celebrities who have even labeled themselves as women, it is difficult for some women to admit that, with the light off and the door closed, they really want Be dominated, your hair pulled, be tied and receive some spanking.

Similarly, it is difficult for some men to admit that they really want to do that sort of thing to women. After all, we assume that we are all feminists now and the idea of ​​purposely inflicting pain on a woman seems ridiculous and evil.

In this type of sado-masochistic sex, man receives pleasure from the pain and physical and psychological suffering of the woman. But these roles are not limited in gender: men also want to be dominated, and women may want to dominate.

In the world of sadomasochism – which is part of a great sphere of sexual games called bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and sadomasochism – couples have the last word. Define your limits and engage in what makes the pleasure test, even if it seems something absurdly wrong.

Regardless of his opinion about 50 Hundreds of Hundreds of books, as the catastrophe of interpretation catapulted the elements of sadomasochism into a common language. It is now less uncomfortable to talk about nipple clamps or tying the head of the bed. Somehow it allowed “out of the closet” to many men and women who love wild sex. Case similar to the growing phenomenon of homosexuality where the demonstration is not that now the most homosexual – have always been – but now are more open to make themselves known and free of the tension that has kept silent for the years. The more open the advertising, news, films and information that flutters in the sphere of information, the more assimilable will be any social milestone before the members of a society.

Power and submission


The pleasure derived from sadomasochism lies in the loss of control that comes with submission, just as the power struggle comes with domination. With sadomasochism and its derived slopes, couples can exchange roles to be the powerful or submissive in bed.

The most important aspect of wild sex is the continued expression of “Yes”. It is absolutely crucial that every step taken in sexual games always arrive with mutual agreement. Forced wild sex can be both physically and psychologically exhausting, so it is important for couples to have a high level of trust and compassion before going deeper into it.

The exchange of roles allows in the sexual game to discover the hidden facets of each one. The man considered dominant, submerged before the dominance of a woman; The woman considered submissive, dominating a man, creating stronger ties between the couple, because they are knowing their other side, the side that normally keep with simple social conventions.

Having wild sex does not make you mentally ill?

Considering the aggressive nature of sadomasochism and wild sex, psychological roots have been associated with mental disorders, emotional problems or signs of trauma in the first years of life; Yet enjoying the elements of wild sex are not a sign that there is anything wrong with you, despite what the media want you to believe. The melancholy Mr. Gray (50 Shades of Gray) has been criticized for his cold and disheartened sadomasochism, as a symptom of a disease, a kind of deep and dark past of a negligent mother.

But it’s not like that. Through the work of Peggy Kleinplatz and Charles Moser (authors of Sadomasochism: powerful pleasures), sadomasochism, done in a healthy and consensual way, is not a proof of some mental or physical illness, emotional damage from some trauma or parental abuse, for So people should not be treated to cure it. A little more than a decade ago Kleinplatz and Moser carried out an extensive psychological study of 132 participants in the sadomasochistic community, the longest study yet.

Through dozens of face-to-face interviews and a series of psychological tests to determine if there was any justification for the sexual preferences of this community, Klein and Moser found that the group was “generally mentally healthy,” and, above all, “the Cases of abuse in the first years of life that had always been associated with the practice of sadomasochism were present in only a few. Therefore, these common notions that the MSS is indicative of psychological anxiety, a history of sexual abuse or compensation for emotional deficiencies, are false. So what does it mean that you like to get your hair pulled, hit and even pinched your nipples?

Can wild sex make you happier?

Nan Wise, a sexual and neuroscientific therapist who studies the brain during orgasm, agrees with this idea: “Nature loves diversity and society hates it. There are many, many ways for people to engage for pleasure. We all have unique erotic fingerprints. ” Wise emphasizes that these are “unforeseen stimuli” that trigger our dopamine receptors to give us sexual pleasure. Exploring new sexual fantasies in the wild sex field, for example, allows couples to rejoin their reward centers that may have been too accustomed to having the same kind of sex. In a nutshell, sadomasochism and savage sex are sizzling. There has not been much research on the personality types of those who enjoy wild sex, but who actually seem, in general, to be mentally healthier than those who do not.

A Dutch study of 2013 found that lovers of wild sex were more extroverted, more open to experience, more conscious, less neurotic, less sensitive to rejection, and rather with better well-being. This study could be limited in the fact that only a Dutch community was studied, but it is not too exaggerated to apply these ideas to other fans to the sadomasochism.

Another study found that couples who have wild sex have increased their levels of trust and intimacy, and an Australian telephone survey of 19,000 people found that these couples were also happier in their relationships.Sexuality is extraordinarily variable, so much so that the word “variable” should be included even in the more traditional sex. And if something good we can get out of 50 Shades of Gray, in addition to a plan for maids, is that it paved the way for talks about exploring all aspects of sexuality, even those that might seem unconventional.

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